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We are more than 50 British mystery and thriller writers – and one American – who live in the UK. We became friends after seeing each other at book launches, library talks, literary festivals and crime writing conventions here and abroad.

We love meeting readers and spending time with each other at these events, but we often hear from disappointed readers who feel left out because they weren't able to attend.

We set up BritCrime to give readers an opportunity to meet us at online events that are free and accessible to everyone.

Our first BritCrime event was a three-day festival in July 2015, with panel discussions, live Q&As and giveaways. We enjoyed some of the same intense, unpredictable, hilarious, intelligent discussions that keep us going back to live events. Since then we have had a Christmas party, several live-streamed discussions and a second three-day festival in July 2016.Helen Smith

BritCrime was founded by Helen Smith. She is an award-winning novelist and playwright whose books are international bestsellers. She has reached the number one spot on Amazon on both sides of the Atlantic and her books have been named in"best of the year" lists by readers, bloggers and newspaper critics.

You can reach Helen on info[@]britcrime[dot]com.

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